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A  Diverse Selection of Library Security Supplies at the Industry's Lowest Prices
Learn how Affordable Library Products protects your books, periodicals, media, and budget
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At Affordable Library Products we understand the struggles facing today’s library staff and administrators, and offer generous savings on a full range of media and book security solutions. Explore the many ways in which we help you stay on budget while discouraging theft and preventing library loss.

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Electromagnetic Security Strips

Protect your inventory’s CDs, DVDs, cassettes, video tapes and books with affordable security labels and a variety of spine inserts and double-sided security strips easy to apply.

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Radio Frequency Tags

Our checkpoint-compatible RF security tags offer unmatched protection, at prices significantly less than major manufacturers.

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We carry the latest in RFID security tags that combine security with more efficient tracking of materials throughout the library. The benefits include easier and faster charge and discharge, inventorying, and materials handling.

Stealing books from a library may sound like an ironic joke to some, but as a library professional, you know first-hand that library theft is no laughing matter. Stolen books, rare audio and other media material results in millions of dollars of annual losses, while depriving the public of their right to enjoy so many of today's great works. Securing your library's inventory is no longer a luxury for those with bountiful budgets; it's an essential part of operating and managing a thriving library.

Over the past two decades Affordable Library Products has worked hard to offer a line of premium-grade library security supplies, at prices that are nearly half the cost of today's most well-known brands. Whether you're looking to secure your collection of rare prints and first editions, or have an ample CD and DVD library in need of safeguarding, Affordable Library Products has a complete selection of strips, overlays, RF, RFID and more for enhanced security.

Books Available

Save Up to 50% Off the Leading Library Security Products

Our book security strips have been meticulously designed to offer protection as good or better than today's top-selling manufacturers, at prices that are approximately half of what branded products cost. How do we do it? For starters, we don't have hundreds of millions of overhead built into the end cost of our products. This grants you the peace of mind of having leading-edge library security, without the excessive markup and high-minimums.

If you're ready for a more cost-effective way to protect your library's books, periodicals, CDs, DVDs and other valuable materials, call the experts at Affordable Library Products today at 800-485-5015.

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