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Here are the questions we are most frequently being asked.

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  • What are the advantages of purchasing security supplies from Affordable Library Products?
    Our prices are the lowest you will find Highest quality products Satisfaction is guaranteed Freight is included in our prices Able to purchase in small quantities Product is shipped the day you order; subject to availability
  • How do I know your security strips will work with our system?
    The same manufacturing process and materials are used for our strips as are used for the name brand strips. Our strips have been manufactured and used in libraries for over 25 years. We will send you free samples to test with your security system.
  • If I purchase for a number of libraries in our library system how do the products get shipped to our individual libraries?
    We will ship the products to each individual library, as needed.
  • How do I pay for the products that we purchase?
    We accept credit card payments or we can bill you.
  • How do I place an order?
    Call us at 1-800-485-5015 Fax the order to us at 1-585-657-4605 E-mail us at Order on our web page at
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